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What we do

GoAndSay is a monthly delivery of cruelty-free beauty products, hand-picked from businesses that align quality with progressive standards. In your box you will receive 4 must-have products of the month to level up your beauty game.


Where are we

We delivery all over India and provide FREE shipping across the country.


What will you receive in GoAndSay box

We feature only those brands in our box which believe in quality over quantity. We make sure you get enough product to use and judge for yourself if they work for you. All the featured products are cruelty-free and of high quality.


GoAndSay never supports the following –

  1. Animal cruelty – We make sure the products featured in our box are not tested on animals
  2. SLS – Sodium Laureth Sulfate is an ingredient derived from ethoxylated lauryl alcohol and used as a surfactant. They can be found in shampoo, body wash/cleanser, mascara and acne treatment.
  3. Paraben – Parabens are preservatives that mimic estrogen and can act as potential hormone system disruptors. They can be found in makeup, body washes, deodorants, shampoos and facial cleansers.
  4. Petroleum & Petroleum-derived ingredients (mineral oil, PEG, petrolatum) –  Mineral Oil is a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. Petrolatum is a semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. PEG is a petroleum-based compound widely used as a thickener, solvent or moisture-carrier. They can be found in face moisturizers, body lotions, sunscreens.